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A Very ACCURATE HOROSCOPE FOR THE YEAR 2014! Very Spooky! - Seriously, For Real?

DO not click on this link, it only offers, seriously “bad luck” to all that do not share. Wow… kindergarten level tactics, marketing or what! OK… so now you’ve been warned. Wished others would have, as to not waste my time with something soooo stupid! Horoscopes should be fun, and not taken that seriously. Chinese horoscopes are better anyway! 


New Aurora Pictures: Sky Shows Sparked by Sun Eruption

Wow… this is amazing and ever so breathtakingly beautiful!

Permalink Moonset over the ocean… Kona
Permalink da’ best… Hapuna Beach!
Permalink Somewhere over the Rainbow in Kaliua-Kona
Permalink Hilo Lagoon
Permalink Sunset overlooking Kailua Bay
Permalink Halemaumau - Hawaii Volcanoes National Park… Madame Pele a work!
Permalink Lovely Mauna Kea Beach
Permalink Honu… Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle